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Reupholstering the Herman Miller Eames Lounge chair 670 in leather

matching the original vintage leather used in the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s


Olek can reupholster the Eames lounge chair in an aniline-dyed, black top-grain leather, with smooth texture and glossy finish -- like the vintage leather originally used. We replace padding or supplement down feathers if used in the pre-1965 Series I Lounges, and reuse the back plastic shell of the cushions and grommets, and zippers if in good condition. Unlike some repair facilities, we are not averse to re-using components that are still serviceable and do not pose a liability, such as the original natural latex rubber and feather cushions used in very early originals. (Newer materials are not so durable.)

We take particular care to match the new leather to the original, so you can't tell it is not original leather. Herman Miller doesn't offer leather like the original anymore. We can reupholster single pieces to match your existing leather, or reupholster an entire Lounge chair and ottoman. If you want to reupholster single pieces that are a colored leather (not black), that can be relatively costly due to requirements to match color and patina of the existing leather.


Olek will retain and repair minor damages to plastic backs if you prefer, or we can replace the entire plastic back and zipper. We manufacture the plastic backs in-house, with tooling and dies we developed to replicate the early plastic back design of the 1960's. The plastic we use is precisely the same as the original plastic used by Herman Miller, with the smooth glossy inside texture, and rough textured exterior. We don't match the paper backs of the Series I Lounges and Ottomans.


Typical Eames Lounges upholstery issues:

Ripping leather seats and ottomans, and often armrests


Ripping zippers or cushion back materials, either plastic or paper, with cushions leaking down (series I chair, pre-1965)


Ripping zippers or cushion back materials, either plastic or paper, with cushions leaking down (series I chair, pre-1965)


Olek stamps the plastic backs of plastic to match the original Herman Miller pattern and plastic material. The Vitra pattern has a different hole spacing and grommets.


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Comparison of Olek and the Herman Miller leather (from Edelman):

Olek                                                  Herman Miller


Top grain, aniline dyed                Filled mid-grain, vinyl pigmented finish(“semi-aniline“)

Original smooth texture               Embossed, graining pattern imprinted

Glossy finish, like original             Matte finish (fashionable today)

1.6 - 2.0 mm   thickness              1.0- 1.2 mm thickness

Expected life 35-45 years            15-20 years (mid-grain not  durable)

Whatever color you want, whether it is black, white, or inbetween, we can furnish standard stock leather, or custom dye and finish leather to find the color, texture, and patina you need.





The cushions are held on clips  (with small snaps  on older chairs) to the wooden shells;  to separate pull each cushion a little bit away from the wooden shell and pull upward on the back shell cushions, or toward you for the seat shell cushion when facing the chair. Use a screwdriver and remove screws attaching the arms to the back wood shell and the seat shell. The seat shell unscrews from the base underneath the chair. Unscrew the back shell supports once the cushions are removed. Unscrew the arm rests after the cushions are removed, supporting the back while you take off the arms


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