Bronze, Copper, Iron, and Wood Conservation, Fabrication and Restoration Services

Olek has specialized in Metal fabrication and restoration of massive doors, windows, furniture, and other structures for both commercial and residential services.


Olek Staff

1/28/20243 min read

Olek provides highly skilled professionals who have successfully completed specialty work for numerous significant clients. With a focus on metal work and restoration of wrought iron, massive bronze doors, furniture, doors, hardware, upholstery, and lighting, Olek has contributed to the preservation and enhancement of various commercial and residential properties.

Some of the notable projects Olek has worked on include:

  • The Vanderbilt Mansion: Olek's expertise was utilized in the restoration and fabrication and restoration of the historic wrought Iron railings and window grilles, and fabricated and installed stainless steel window well grilles and stainless steel window screening, and wood windows and doors, for this National Park Service, Museum and former home to Cornelius Vanderbilt

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Residence: Olek contributed to the preservation of this iconic residence through our restoration services, for the Roosevelt NYC Townhouse.

  • Glenn Miller Property: Olek's craftsmanship was employed in the restoration of the Tenafly Oriel Restoration Structure, Copper Cladding, Deck and Steel Railings of the Glenn Miller Property.

  • Yale University: Olek's skills were utilized to fabricate ornamental metalwork and teak millwork including Bronze Lockers, Display Cabinetry, Conference Tables of solid S.S., Bronze & Teak Podiums, and Doors. Fabricated replica Knoll executive swivel chairs and other furniture of machined and mirror Polished S.S., Bronze and Aluminum. Upholstered button-tufted Leather over natural Latex Rubber padding. Restored patinated structural and architectural Bronze, Bronze Windows, Paneling, regular and revolving Bronze Doors. Repaired andRestored mechanisms and original worn hardware of ca. 1964 doors to original functionality.ensuring the preservation of its architectural heritage.

  • Grand Central Station, NYC: Olek played a crucial role in the restoration and maintenance of the metalwork at this iconic transportation hub.

  • UN General Assembly Building: Olek's expertise was sought after for the restoration and fabrication of restoration of 300 pieces of fixed furniture in lobby & conference rooms, thefabrication of new steel bases and tables replicating vintage originals designed by Eero Saarinen and other prominent designers. Replication, refinishing and restoration of metal hardware and components, and all wood furniture.

  • State of Missouri Capital: Olek's craftsmanship will be contributing to the restoration and preservation of all iron and bronze metalwork at the State of Missouri Capital building. This is a newer project with many exciting details to follow!

  • Tennessee War Memorial: Olek's specialized metalwork and restoration services have recently been sought and secured to restore the Massive Bronze doors to ensure the structure and design continue to honor the memory of those who served from the Great State of Tennessee War.

  • Former Headquarters of Fireman’s Insurance Fund, Presently Rutgers University Dormitory: Restoration of the extensively damaged arched cast iron door frames with brass doors and fanlight Palladian style leaded glass transoms, original brass revolving door, and wrought bronze & copper chandeliers and exterior sconces. In addition Olek completed door frames of 5/8” thick ductile cast iron damaged by chronic water infiltration and ice, splitting apart cast iron in the middle of the jambs, and crushing brass doors. Restored all cast iron frames by cutting out damaged elements of jambs and trim, brazing and welding to original profiles, and restored two remaining interior pairs of exterior double doors, and revolving door, and lighting fixtures.

  • Ft. Hamilton- U.S. Army Garrison, ca. 1830 - Brooklyn Harbor: Fortress doors, replication, restoration, Sally Port doors restored, hardware replicated. What is very unique was the tremendous weight per door leaf of 4,000 pounds, which were made from solid white oak 6” thick, 5’ wide x 10’ high. Iron strap hinges had 6” diameter barrel, with 1” x 4” x 4’L straps and the bottom 18” of door had rotted away which was replicated and restored. Also replicated for the Museum was the former gunpowder store room doors and hardware.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of projects Olek has been involved in. The extensive experience and attention to detail have earned Olek a reputation for delivering exceptional results in both commercial and residential settings.

Furthermore, Olek's proficiency extends beyond metalwork we are also well-versed in upholstery and lighting restoration, providing comprehensive solutions for clients seeking to revive the beauty and functionality of their cherished possessions. And, with a commitment to preserving architectural heritage and a passion for craftsmanship, Olek continues to exceed client expectations with our specialized restoration and fabrication services. Whether it's a historic landmark or a treasured residential property, Olek's expertise and attention to detail make it the ideal choice for any project requiring exceptional metalwork and woodwork for those seeking exquisite conservation and restoration capabilities.